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This project was registered on on Mar 26, 2009, it tooked more than a year to release the first 1.0 Release on the Oct 04, 2010, but it finaly is done.
The goal of this tool is to offer the user a fast and cheap way to read news given by a RSS or ATOM feed by tray notifications. To read the whole news, the tool will open a new browser window. See a full list of the features or take a closer look at the design. See the progress of TrayRss? on the changelog

Current State:

Final 1.0 finished

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TrayRSS 0.6 Alpha released!

Hi there!

I’m glad to announce the release of TrayRSS 0.6 Alpha! Some weeks to late, but satisfying my requirements for this release. Get it here

The main new feature is the tooltip displayed in the right lower corner, in which the option is given to open the entry in a browser. This tool tip will be shown periodly right now, the handling which entry to display is the goal of the next release.

A hint to use TrayRSS right now: After you changed the feed information, you have to restart the program. This deviance will be engaged soon.

To see the complete changelog here

Have fun

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New Release 0.5 Alpha

Hi there!

I’m proud that i can offer you a new alpha version von TrayRSS. In version 0.5 the main new features are:
– multilanguage support (no extra release necessary)
– complete management of feeds that will be monitored
– persistence of the complete configuration
– vacation selection updated
– few bugfixes

I want to excuse myself, cause the last release wasn’t complete. Necessary configfiles where located in the jar but the program didn’t find them, cause of a testing fault. I’ve discoverd it very late – 110 Downloads but no feedback. In this version it should be fixed.

Hope you enjoy my release

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