Geek and Poke – Cloud Special

Once again i want to show you some satire on the new trendy modern up-to-date cloud by Geek and Poke ->

Remember, the cloud isn’t a hype like SOA, it’s more! (GuP) It detach us from old structures (GuP) in a completly different way than SOA (GuP).

The cloud is a revolution, not only in developing (GuP) and bugfixing (GuP). It’s the solution to all of our problems (GuP) that were not fixed by SOA, EAI, and others (GuP). It is not only for geeks (GuP) It helps managers to define the it-strategie (GuP) and it’s not only to distinguish oneself (GuP).

And now i’m back working on my nullpointer cloud … (GuP)

my own cloud

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