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  • Code Style Verse – Implementation Patterns

    Originalbeschreibung auf Youtube: The central message of Kent Beck’s book, Implementation Patterns, set to Dr. Seuss-style verse.

  • Minecraft Hallenbad – Minecraft Indoor Swimming Pool

    Minecraft Hallenbad – Minecraft Indoor Swimming Pool

    See a Youtube video of my latest minecraft building, an indoor swimming pool with zombie-cashier, locker room, bath room, therm, parasols and an awesome slide.

  • unconventional music continued

    About 3 months ago, i’ve made a post about a series of songs on youtube made by two young talented man using very unconventional instruments. It has begun as a battle between those two musician, and it possibly will never end, but right now, one side made the next move: Seams that Jake is a…

  • unconventional music

    They are KurtHugoSchneider and JakeBruene and they are talented musicans. And as friends do, they battle a little bit. All started with a statement from Jake about the recorder from Kurt: “no one can play an actual song on the Recorder”. This 10 words caused some nice music productions, as Kurt decided to show Jake…

  • Weihnachtsvorbereitungen

    Tja bei uns Weihnachtet es schon. Das wollt ich hier mal eben auch zeigen: Ähnliche Artikel:hope – KW50not every spot – kw49Code Style Verse – Implementation PatternsMinecraft Hallenbad – Minecraft Indoor Swimming Poolunconventional music continued