UC01 – Add a feed


Considerd Requirements



add feed


preconditions: program is running (UC02)

  1. The user opens the configuration panel from the sytem tray
  2. The user fill in a form with the following infos:
    • Feed Name
    • Feed URL
    • Monitor intervall
    • checkbox if currently is monitored (default: true)
  3. The user presses the add button
    1. the user presses the cancel button
    2. the configuration panel discards
  4. The system checks if the url is a valid RSS or ATOM feed.
    1. If it is not a valid feed, besides the field of the URL a warning in red letters will appear and the user has a chance to adjust his input.
  5. If it is a valid feed, the configuration file will be expanded and saved in the file system
  6. The feed information will display in the table of feeds


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