UC04 – Edit feed information


Considerd Requirements



edit feed information
edit feed information


  1. The user opens the configuration panel from the sytem tray
  2. The user selects an existing feed
  3. The user press the config button
  4. The user has now the possibility to change each property of this feed
  5. The user can fill in a form with the following infos:
    • Feed Name
    • Feed URL
    • Monitor intervall
    • checkbox if currently is monitored (default: true)
  6. The user presses the save button
    1. the user presses the cancel button
    2. the edit modus will stop
  7. The system checks if the url is a valid RSS or ATOM feed.
    1. If it is not a valid feed, besides the field of the URL a warning in red letters will appear and the user has a chance to adjust his input.
  8. If it is a valid feed, the configuration file will be updated and saved in the file system
  9. The feed information will be displayed in the table of feeds


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