UC07 – Display an entry


Considerd Requirements



display an entry
display an entry


  1. The tool monitores the feeds within the selected time frames an in the selected intervall
  2. The tool has to check a url due to reaching an intervall or to user activation
  3. The opens a connection and retrieves following information
    • Entity Title
    • Entity URL
    • Entity Date
  4. The tool checks if this combination is allready in the Entity-Database
  5. The tool has not found it and therefore it creats a new entry.
    1. The tool found the entity and checks the displaycount
  6. the tool displayes the entity in a tray balloon for about 10 seconds
    1. If fhe displaycounts is equal or bigger than the displaycount the entity will not be shown
  7. The tool increases the displaycount of the entity by one
  8. It sets the latest updatetime to sysdate if the displaycount is at least as high as the max for shown entities
  9. In the case of displaying the entity: Offer the User 3 possibilities:
    • ignore entity -> sets the displaycount to the max
    • open entity -> opens the entityurl in the system defined standard browser
    • mark to read later -> reduces the displaycount of the entity by one and the displaycount is set to the max
  10. at the end of the complete check the database is checked for old entitys (their displaycount has not been updated for at least 2 month) and removes them from the database
  11. after the complete check the database is stored to the file system till the next check.


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