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With flying colours – TrayRSS 1.1.0 is released!

TrayRSS 1.1.0 is available now! Besides some bugfixes it contains a major redesign of the configuration window. It is now seperated into three tabs containing general parameters, the feeds the tool should monitor and the time settings, where the user can specify the timeframes when TrayRSS monitors the feeds. As a new functionallity the user can disable the timeframes with a single click now, before he had to specify a timeframe from 0000 to 2359.

Take a look at the example pictures in the screenshot section. There you can find screenshots of the old configuration window too. A great change isn’t it?

Inside TrayRSS there where a lot of changes too. In the build process Apache Ant was replaced with Apache Maven and the project is now splitted to some modules like the notification, the model, the monitor, the gui and so on.

A complete List of changes can be found in the Bug Tracker of TrayRSS

Download TrayRSS 1.1.0

Future prospects in developement will be the completion of the work with the localization to every text in the application. (I’m sorry that the language change doesn’t affect the config window at the moment, this will be changed in 1.2.0). And the next step of the new Look and Feel of TrayRSS will be a redesign of the notifications, to match additional requirements like mark feedentries for later read

Have Fun using TrayRSS!

PS: If you are a Mac User, i would be very glad to get some response on how the application suits to your system, because i don’t have the chance to test it myself right now.

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