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Hi there!

quality, since 1933I’ve got great news! The source of TrayRSS is online again! Checkout the homepage or go directly to the github repository to see my coding. So feel free to drive in and contribute to trayrss. Or just stare at the source, pointing out my errors and let me improve it ;)

At the same time i’ve reworked the homepage of trayrss to gain clarity. Additional i’ve reorganized the sourceforge page of trayrss, to fit into the actual needs. But this release was not only about homepages, i’ve done some coding too!

I’ve introduced some quality metrics (PMD, checkstyle and findbugs) into my project and integrated it into the build cycle, so i’ll won’t have a chance to push sloppy code. So i’ve done some refactoring, and learned a lot about code quality. Hopefully it will help anyone else who want to improve TrayRSS, as it did help me.

So Release 1.5.0 was about code quality, you can see all the changes here:

0000168: [planning] Create a simple GithubPage
0000170: [planning] Add Code coverage tool to the maven build cylce
0000144: [planning] documentate and publicate rulesets for QS
0000140: [planning] Create PMD rules
0000141: [planning] Create Checkstyle rules
0000142: [planning] Create Findbugs rules
0000143: [planning] Create Formatter rules
0000146: [planning] Move source to github
0000148: [planning] move wiki to github
0000167: [business service] Fix all Checkstyle Errors

Or just try out the new version of trayrss!

In the next version i’m going to provide a simple import/export function to match google readers takeout xml files.

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