TrayRSS the rise of the newsreader

Bye, bye Google Reader

Google Reader will be suspended

Well, we all heared about it. Google has announced that Google Reader, their RSS web service, will be suspended on 1st of july 2013. Although there were loyal followers, they said, that the usage has declined. I was one of those followers, and many friends of mine were too. Damn you social web! You were not supposed to manage news data, you were always just a possibility to view the current snapshot.

And now?

There are some alternatives you can use like NewsBlur, Feedly, The Old Reader or Pulse. But they have all some drawbacks. Like the usage of a browser plugin, some restrictions to get fees, only login via facebook/openid or just to much desigend for „touch“.

Or you can just sign a petition to perhaps get your reader back.


Well i don’t know the alternative that brings me over the winter. But i know what i want to use afterwards! In September 2011 i’ve stopped developing my own desktop RSS Tool: TrayRSS. With the strong competitor from google i thought i would not use it by myself in the near future. I was wrong. And at the beginning of this year i decided to start the development of TrayRSS again to make it the tool i would like to use!


TrayRSS is evolving. Emerged from the idea of a friend to just have some kind of alert for a single RSS thread, it changed to a multifeed monitoring software, reminding the users in regular time intervalls when new content was spotted. As a reminder for a few feeds good enough, but not what i was looking for. Compared to RSSOwl, some simply key feature are missing.

  • A window to manage the feed items. To read them, to mark them for later usage, to share them or search in them.
  • Additionally the state of the feeds should possible to be synchronized to different devices. (Perhaps with an web back end)

With this key features, i would use it by myself!

first small steps

And there is a new release allready! This development increment of TrayRSS was about the user data. TrayRSS now stores the user data like the configuration, the log and most important the feed data within the user directory. But the user has the possibility to change this behaviour. In the root directory of TrayRSS are two properties files, letting the user choose the destination of logs and feed data. You can link your TrayRSS with your cloud storage of preference and can enjoy shared data.

Also a lot of internal changes has happened too, to be ready for upcoming changes.

Get TrayRSS 1.3 from the official home page!

and now?

Google has provieded a possibility to take out the feed data as an XML export. Now TrayRSS will hopefully be able to handle this in time. Therefore the next step is to provide an extended interface so the user can handle the data.

TrayRSS is going to get a new dimension from notification to storage. This means that a lot of work has to be done before i’m happy with it. So please be patient and treat TrayRSS as what it is: evolving.

Watch out for the next release of TrayRSS, bye!

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4 Antworten zu „TrayRSS the rise of the newsreader“

  1. Avatar von Fritz

    Baust eine Anbindung an Google Drive ein? :)

  2. Avatar von Pummer Thomas

    Möglichkeiten über Möglichkeiten! Muss mir das mal genauer ansehen, vielleicht würds ja passen :)

  3. Avatar von Peter Kofler

    Super. Wusste gar nicht dass Du wieder damit angefangen hast.

    Wie wäre es mit einem TrayRSS Hackergarten im Mai dann?

    Google Drive würde ich nicht einbauen, imho Google Services haben Ihren Reiz verloren, vgl.

    1. Avatar von Pummer Thomas

      Es ist und bleibt eine lieb gewonnene Spielwiese und der Gedanke weiterzumachen war nie weit weg :)
      Wenn ich dann mal soweit bin meinen Code wieder der Öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren können wir dabei gern ein paar Hackergarten-Tasks finden. Erst noch alles wofür ich mich schäme gut vertuschen :D

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